The Digital 395 Middle Mile project is a fiber optic project completed in 2014. This website serves as the project archive. For further information contact us here.


Digital 395 is a major broadband infrastructure investment by the California Public Utilities Commission and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to bring high-speed Internet and associated benefits to the Eastern Sierra region of California. The network is comprised of three major components: (1) a 450-mile long “Middle Mile” backbone between Reno Nevada and Barstow California, (2) 174 miles of local distribution fiber in over 20 communities along the route, and (3) more than 300 service connections to various community institutions and service providers. The project was conceived in 2009, received final funding in 2010, obtained permits in 2012 and was completed in 2014. The project’s total budget was approximately $109.1 Million, 24.6% of which was funded through the California Advanced Services Fund.

The project was developed, designed and constructed by Praxis Associates, Inc. California Broadband Cooperative, Inc. was created to serve as the owner-operator of the network. Inyo Networks, Inc. is under a long-term Network Services Agreement to manage daily operations.

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For more information about joining the cooperative and eligibility for getting faster broadband in the Eastern Sierra click here.

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July 7, 2014
By Mike Gervais

The Inyo Register: Help for businesses wanting online presence

With the Digital 395 fiber-optic backbone in place, the Eastern Sierra Connect Regional Broadband Consortium is helping locally owned small businesses capitalize on the improved Internet access.

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